Brothers Brian and Luke Shealey are the only lawyers in their family, but they grew up in a house where their parents were both social workers. Seeing their parents strive to better their community every day instilled in the brothers the idea that their purpose is to help people. Back then, they didn't know exactly what they wanted to do to carry out that idea. But, once they settled on law, they knew they'd eventually team up to open a firm together.

      When a new client comes into their office and the Shealeys take them on, a line is drawn in the sand. From that moment, that client is like family. Oftentimes, that client feels that their life is at stake. He or she could be facing the possibility of being thrown in jail and taken away from his or her family. Most clients facing serious allegations, the Shealeys say, have no criminal history.

      Most clients
      facing serious allegations
      have no criminal history.

        It's so important for our business to be visible online because of the type of work we do - criminal defense work.

          Those clients feel comfortable and secure in the Shealey Law Firm office because both Brian and Luke have the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the legal system. They also have an entire team backing them up, including an investigator, a clerk and a paralegal.

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            Clients can expect personal attention, a wealth of information, compassion and understanding when they choose the Shealey Law Firm for their criminal defense. Though the sleepless nights and weekend work sessions can be a drain, it's one the Shealeys are willing to endure - that's the job, after all.

              Brian and Luke feel that they have answered their calling - they want to make a difference in their community and in their clients' lives. When they walk into the courtroom with their client, it's like defending a family member, a brother or sister, a father or mother. Because of that, they resolve to do everything they can to help.

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                The Shealeys teamed up with Townsquare Interactive in 2014. Since then, we've helped them drastically improve their SEO rankings, ensuring they can be found easily online. "It is so important for our business to be visible online because of the type of work we do - criminal defense work," they say. "People don't really know how to find lawyers in that field."

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                    Shealey Law Firm wanted to be visible within their community and help those in need, even with stiff competition.

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                    We optimized Shealey Law Firm's website for keywords specific to the law industry and their location. Paired with optimized directory listings, this search engine optimization helped them move to the top of search results organically.

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                    Today, more than 90% of Shealey Law Firm's clients come to them through their website - and at a price that beats what their competition is paying.