Salon Arjé got its start when owner Arif Lofgren had an idea. When he told his wife he wanted to open a salon, her first response was, "You're crazy." But Arif wanted a career that would allow him to positively affect people's lives on a daily basis and bring something different to his community in Beacon, New York. Salon Arjé allowed him to do just that.

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      When clients visit Salon Arjé, they can expect a personal experience, whether it's their first visit or their tenth. Arif and his team of hair artists have one goal: for customers to come away feeling that every detail was paid attention to during their haircut, style or balayage service. Balayage in particular allows the hair artists to showcase their natural artistic abilities and paint color onto the hair to create the perfect highlight.

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        Having so many unique artists with different approaches to hair in the salon benefits the team in its entirety. It enables them to give their clients the personal experiences they're looking for. That camaraderie between artists and clients creates an almost Cheers-like atmosphere that makes every appointment an exercise in fun and satisfaction.

          Arif has been doing hair for more than 18 years, and he still has the same passion and love for it that he had when he was learning. He's able to change people's lives on a daily basis. "I don't think many art forms or many industries can say that," he says. "They come to me, and we build a relationship, and I can bring them joy." That's what sets Salon Arjé apart from the competition.

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            Salon Arjé partnered up with us in 2012. "One of the things that I need to focus on as a business owner is that our team is working like a team," Arif says. "And Townsquare Interactive gives me an opportunity to focus more on the salon. I never have to worry about updating our website because it's just a phone call away."


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                Our Approach

                The Challenge

                Salon Arjé wanted to come up at or near the top of search results when potential clients searched for hair salons in their area.

                Our Solution

                We optimized Arif's website for keywords specific to his industry and location. This search engine optimization ensured he would move to the top of search results organically.

                Salon Arjé's Success

                Salon Arjé always appears at or near the top of search engine results for their set of optimized keywords. Because Salon Arjé is easy for potential customers to find, owner Arif never has to worry about attracting new customers.