When Neal Wilson left his managerial job at a fencing company and Scott Javahari decided it was time to step away from his homebuilding business, the two discussed an idea: should they start their own fencing company? It wasn't an immediate decision - but they talked it over and ultimately decided to team up and create Preferred Fence Solutions.

    Getting a brand new business off the ground is tough, but Scott and Neal injected their personal philosophies into Preferred Fence Solutions. They always strive to treat their customers with respect and deliver a quality finished product, and it shows in their glowing reviews.

      Though Scott and Neal originally went the DIY route for their business's website and used popular home improvement sites to bring in leads, we offered a different, more cost-effective solution. Now, instead of paying for leads and chiseling out time to maintain their own website, they're getting found on Google and leaving the website updates to us.

      We probably get about 80-85% of our leads off of Google.

        We rank [page] one in terms of stockade fence in the Oklahoma City area. And, because of that, when people are searching, we're the very first company they see.

          While Scott and Neal readily admit that starting out as a new business is full of ups and downs, triumphs and struggles, Preferred Fence Solutions is growing steadily. "I'd like to see this business grow to a point where we have a lot of employees with a great basis in life, and we're providing great products. [I want it to be] one of those things that, maybe someday, Neal and I pass on to our kids."

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            "I want this business to succeed due to hard work, commitment, loyalty."
            -Neal Wilson


              Scott Javahari and Neal Wilson


              Fence Construction


              February 2017

              In Business

              October 2017


              Oklahoma City,


                Our Approach

                The Challenge

                Neal and Scott needed help attracting customers to their new fencing business.

                Our Solution

                We built a new website for Preferred Fence Solutions, optimized the website for search engines and corrected its business listings across 70+ of the most popular online directories. We also built a digital display campaign to help them reach their ideal customers as they browse the web.

                Preferred Fence Solutions' Success

                Today, Preferred Fence Solutions is ranking on page one for a variety of fencing keywords in Oklahoma City, OK and bringing in quality leads from their website.