Mary's Mountain Cookies is famous for baking decadent quarter-pound cookies - soft and chewy in the middle, a little bit crunchy on the outside. When you visit, you'll always find freshly baked chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle and oatmeal raisin cookies, as well as a few seasonal choices, like raspberry lemonade and s'mores cookies.

    The cookies are delicious, but the story behind them is what really brings them to life.

      Thirty years ago, Mary was a young single mom living in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. She was living out of her car with her two children when a friend at her church suggested she seek refuge at a dude ranch in Colorado. So Mary drove herself, her son and her daughter to Cherokee Park Ranch. As they rolled under the welcome arch, her son whispered:

      I think this is what
      heaven looks like.

      Story 2

        The dude ranch is where Mary met Hank, one of the special people in the world who are always willing to welcome those in need and take care of them. He hired Mary as a cook, and she immediately took over cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner. After two or three weeks, though, Hank came to her with a life-changing question: Could she bake cookies?

        She could.

        Story 3

          Today, Mary's kids tell her their time at the dude ranch was an incredible experience. Hank made them who they are today, and Mary says she wouldn't have her cookie business without him. Her cookies have a presence, and it's more than that they taste good. There's life to them - they're alive. And the secret ingredient?

              Mary has been working with Townsquare Interactive since 2012. She had customers constantly asking her for her website, but she tried to hold out against investing in one. "Any business owner working with social media or the internet - it takes so much time, and it's really a different language I don't understand," Mary explains.

              "I just want to focus on making great cookies."

              Story 4

                Since Mary first came on as a client, we've had the pleasure of watching her business grow from one small shop in Colorado to a franchise that's still expanding. "When you work with Townsquare, it's personal," she says. "Your website, your business, is your baby, and you're trusting that these people are going to see and communicate to a broader audience who you are."

                  Mary's Mountain Cookies STATISTICS

                  Mary Johns





                  In Business



                  Flagship Bakery in Fort Collins, Colorado


                    Our Approach

                    The Challenge

                    Mary needed a digital platform to inform her community about her cookie business and set herself up for success and growth.

                    Our Solution

                    We optimized her directory listings and built a mobile-optimized website that can reach her customers at home and on the go.

                    Mary's Success

                    Mary's Mountain Cookies is now a successful franchise with multiple locations across Colorado, Missouri and Montana.