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    Would having a dedicated marketing expert on your team allow you to focus more on the day-to-day tasks of running your business? Townsquare Media and Townsquare Interactive offer marketing and advertising services to help you grow your business. Better yet, we'll take care of everything. That leaves you with more time to do what you do best: run your business!

    From website design, social media management, SEO and mobile optimization to digital marketing, event marketing and radio advertising, Townsquare Media and Townsquare Interactive's products and services are focused on creating brand exposure and engaging clients.

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      Townsquare Interactive provides web design, social media management, mobile optimization and SEO services to businesses in the Portland, ME area.

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        You Know Townsquare - Now Discover Our Small Business Marketing Tools

        The best ideas, the best people, the best brands. Every media outlet can claim they are #1 in some demo with some particular audience. But for the real magic to happen, it takes a vision that fits the client's needs and is supported by the right mix of marketing tools to bring that vision to life.

        Depending on the client, this might mean a commercial or a Seize the Deal or SEO help, streaming packages or a web pushdown, geotargeting or sponsorship of a live event. The effectiveness results from how we combine these on-air/online/on-site tools to generate success.

        Townsquare Portland is the only media company with all these tools. It then becomes a matter of having the best people in the media business to execute your integrated internet marketing strategy with passion and commitment. That's something we've been doing for over 40 years.

        If you're not already a player, it's time to get in the digital game. Without a digital strategy you risk being literally invisible to potential customers. It's about more than just adapting to a digital world - it's about adopting a digital stance that will open new vistas of opportunity for your enterprise.

        Townsquare Portland builds on its amazing heritage and loyal brands by adding the innovation of cutting edge digital and social media initiatives you won't find anywhere else. Combine this with the meteoric rise of our live event business and you'll see why Townsquare Portland is the benchmark for media outlets. We live the Townsquare mantra - heck, our One City Center studios and offices are literally on the Portland town square! Not to mention we're in Portland, Maine - one of the coolest cities in America.

        Three fun things to do in Portland:

        1. Eat Lobster! (Just about anywhere.)
        2. Drink Maine Beer! (There are over 50 breweries in our area.)
        3. Stroll the Old Port for some great shopping. And when you're done, walk up Congress St. past dozens of galleries, restaurants and music venues on your way to a Portland Sea Dogs game. (They're the Double-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox.)

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