Johnnie Coles' grandmother had a saying: "You're going to grow up to be something." Johnnie just didn't know what. He grew up in the projects in a tiny, two-bedroom apartment, where he shared a room with his brother and sister. Life might've dealt him a bad hand-they didn't have a lot of money and lived in a poor area where drugs were prevalent-but, when he looks back today, that rough start reminds him of just how far he's come.

    Johnnie resolved to do something different....he wanted to be a business owner and entrepreneur and made a decision that "failure was not an option."

      Since partnering up with his marketing team at Townsquare Interactive, Johnnie has stayed true to his personal mantra. The traffic going to DunRite Detail's website has allowed him to take his business to the next level-he's ranked number one for tractor-trailer detailing in his area and has landed a handful of huge commercial clients, including CarMax and Ryder.

      I am no longer going to allow anything to stand in my way of succeeding.

        Traffic that has flown through the website because of its presence, its professionalism, has taken me to the next level.

          That success has allowed him to achieve some of his long-term goals. One of them: Sit on someone's beach while still making money. It happened! He was able to take a vacation and leave his team to take care of the business while he was away. He also bought his first home, and he wants other business owners and entrepreneurs to learn one thing from him: Don't stop dreaming.

          Story 2

            In five years, Johnnie plans on having multiple mobile-detailing trucks on the road-in multiple states! And us? We're just honored to be along for the ride.


              Johnnie Coles


              Auto Detailing


              June 2015

              In Business

              February 2017




                Our Approach

                The Challenge

                Johnnie wanted to attract customers to his new business and start building brand recognition.

                Our Solution

                We built a new website for DunRite Detail, optimized the site for search and corrected its business listings across 70+ of the most popular online directories.

                DunRite Detail's Success

                Today, DunRite Detail ranks number one for tractor-trailer detailing in Hartford, CT and has secured big-name commercial clients.