"I don't think being a mother is just a biological thing. I think being a mother is loving and caring for others," says Kim Roberts, owner of Bama Bed and Breakfast in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. "So, the mothering just continues. And I think that's appropriate."

    You could say the Roberts family is committed to providing a unique and comfortable experience to all of their guests - and you'd be right. Even before opening their doors as a bed and breakfast, the family had a habit of welcoming others into their circle. They fostered 25 children over the years and adopted three of them while staying involved with their local community's Foreign Language Institution. It's not so different from having guests come and go.

      After opening Bama Bed and Breakfast, Kim and her family had a lot of on-the-job learning to do. In the beginning, Kim stuck to marketing the business the old-fashioned way - with pen and paper. It proved tricky now that consumers have entered the age of online bookings.

      She quickly realized that taking Bama Bed and Breakfast online would be the best way to reach her ideal customers. So, she took a chance and partnered up with us to build a solid online presence.

      From our perspective, the most important part of our business is being seen online.

        "It was time to upgrade some things with our business, and one of those biggest things was our website," Kim says.

          So, to start building Bama Bed and Breakfast's online presence, we designed a website and wrote custom content to fill it out. That content included SEO keywords selected by our in-house analysts, which have helped Bama Bed and Breakfast rank high in search engines for their industry and location.

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            Today, the Roberts family is still working together to provide the highest level of service to their guests at Bama Bed and Breakfast. From uniquely themed rooms to signature breakfasts and desserts, everything about their guests' experiences rings true to Southern hospitality. Every person's job is critical to their success, Kim says. They couldn't do it without being a united family.


              Marc and Kim Roberts





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                Our Approach

                The Challenge

                Marc and Kim were still using pen and paper to market their business and needed help adjusting to the digital age.

                Our Solution

                We designed an all-new website, filled it with SEO keyword-rich content and updated their business listings across the web.

                Bama Bed and Breakfast's Success

                Today, Bama Bed and Breakfast does most of their business online and dominates their local market.